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Zero byte .wav file - how to restore?

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I sent my girlfriend apprentice taper out to a show last evening, and she got a SBD copy on USB from one of those niiiice X32 Behringer mixers.  Great.

Problem is, the sound engineer probably didn't finalize the .wav file and end the recording gracefully.  I'd guess he just pulled the USB out before hitting "STOP".

I have another one of those "zero byte .wav files".

billydee here on ts gave me something called "Sandisk RescuePRO Deluxe" a while ago, when I had this same problem.

Went to use it today, but the license expired.

I could probably start with "chkdsk", but there might be a better solution now?

Looking for you'all's suggestions..

Oh and by the way, Brenda got AUD, too.  Good job baby, first time out.

Who says we're a dying breed?  :love:

OH, and SHOUTOUT to billydee, live webcasting this weekend..

Rhythms on the Rio festival in South Fork CO, starting today at 12:15pm MDT.

***SATURDAY August 3rd***
- 12:15pm Shaky Hand String Band
- 1:45pm Woodbelly
- 3:15pm Pixie and the Partygrass Boys
- 5:00pm Larry Keel Experience (w Jeremy Garrett and Kyle Tuttle)
- 6:30pm The Travelin McCoury's
- 7:45pm The Grateful Ball (w The Travelin McCoury's & Friends)
- 9:15pm Fruition

Been there; done that.  I pass this along to anyone dealing with a Zero byte wav file issue.  Totally works:


+T buckster


I've had some success by just opening the file in CD Wave Editor and when it asks if you want to overwrite the corrupt header with a new one you just click yes and save the file.

doesn't always work but when it does it's super easy.

Yep, when the video talked about using VLC player, I took a left turn and opened the recovered file in CD Wave, instead.

Saved it as a 24 bit 48kHz .wav perfectly.

Thanks for the help, I'm bookmarking this.

OH, and apologies our engineer last night.  I guess 0 byte files happen on Behringer equipment, whether you are careful or not.

Learned something today.

TS rules.  :cheers:


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