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Zero byte .wav file - how to restore?

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--- Quote from: if_then_else on December 14, 2021, 02:05:47 AM ---Can you create an img file of your SD card (e.g. using a low level copy tool like dd on Linux/UNIX) and send me the file along with the information about the original bit depth, sample rate and the number of channels? I've tried out a couple of different tools on Linux and Windows recently and chances are that at least one of them might work.

--- End quote ---

Sure.  Thx.  Will do that tomorrow.


After having fixed the PCM-WAV header, it seems that after 4'55'' there is data corruption.

In other words, playback isn't stalling (as originally suspected by me) but the recorder appears to have recorded the same sample multiple times to the SD card. Which would explain why the file is so big (4.2 GiB).

It's exactly the same picture when I try to load the RAW file into Samplitude.

Cf. the screenshots below. Do you still want me to send you the WAV or FLAC file with the fixed header even though the problem is a lot more fundamental?


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