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Soundbars under $500 ?

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A.I. Clone Cheesy:
Do not laugh
I just redid the living room to a "sleek clean look" and don't want the clutter from my old surround system.

Looking at the Sonos, Vizio, Yamaha, Sony...

Anything out there that will do better?

Trying for better sound on the few times that the TV isn't dumb ambiance when guests come over.

The Other Chris:
I’ve got a middle of the road Klipsch sound bar and subwoofer that I think sound great.


I have this one and it's really nice. Surprisingly musical - I use it for casual Bluetooth streaming from the tablet and it sounds great.

Has an optical input for my "smart" bluray player that I use to stream movies and such. The remote allows you to control the volume of the bar and the wireless subwoofer separately which is convenient. It does a great job of producing faux surround from a 2.1 system. One of the best purchases I've made. Got it when it was being replaced by a new model for $150 brand new. Discontinued but Amazon sellers still have them.

A.I. Clone Cheesy:
I stumbled on the Yamaha YAS-209
Subdued, pretty accurate, and super easy to configure. (I helped the sales guy plug it in... One Toslink + one HDMI-ARC.)

The Klipsch stuff that I listened to was capable of much higher volumes, but more "wowzah" in coloration.
I definitely am considering either the Yamaha or the Klipsch Bar40.

I keep thinking I could bracket out a stereo pair, but ...clutter...

Bumping this thread from last year, it looks like we'll be replacing a secondary HD television with a 4K HDR upgrade. 

The old set currently uses a soundbar by same manufacturer, we'll be switching to different manufacturer.  As a secondary set this space can only fit a 43" set, we had previously used a signature series by Pioneer Elite before it failed when we switched to one by the set manufacturer.  We do watch movies on this set and one thing that seems to be a problem with sound bars is that they surprisingly lack a center channel which is where the dialog primarily resides. 

Any sound bar recommendations in 2020 that would fit under a 43" set and include a center channel speaker so you can actually understand dialog from movies?


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