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which of these black friday deal TVs would you pick and why?

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I dont have either set   but a few observations :
dont expect the world @ these prices
a fair bit cheaper than comparable brand name sets

If I was forced to choose I would opt for the Hisense as its a off brand  that I have heard of before. 
If I was you I would save for a projector but for what they are   both seem decent spec wise.

edited to add
the other set has a bunch more and slightly higher reviews


i think we are upping our budget to this 58"

mostly because it completely fills the little nook in the wall within an inch

wife is hung up on it not being 120Hz

i told her she's not a gamer and its not necessary. And that there is really no need to 'future proof' a $400 TV



$278 next year this time.

exactly. so far down the curve that im not worried about the depreciation. buy a much much better spec'd TV for that space for $300 in 3 years


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