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1979 Pioneer PL400 turntable finally ready for the dumpster?

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I just noticed the other day that my 1979 Pioneer PL400 direct drive turntable seems to have a motor problem. I don't use it much at all these days but the other day when I tried to play an LP it had EXTREME speed issues. :(

Trying to find / repair a motor for a 43-year-old turntable might be an excerise in futility, but it's been a good friend over the years and I thought I'd ask here if anyone had any ideas.

Possibly the best (only?) recourse might be to just replace it.

If so, any recomendations? Don't need anything that is super expensive but just a good replacement.



I have two of the Fluance turntables.  I had the rt81 and I liked it so much I bought the upgrade rt85 so I wouldn't have to keep moving the other one from room to room. As far as turntables go very affordable. Worth a look.

I have an old Sansui SR-838 direct drive that my grandfather originally purchased. I took ownership of it years ago after it had sat in storage for a number of years. It also had wonky speed issues, so my "fix" was to turn it on and let it spin for about a day or two straight. It's worked great ever since. Probably not the technical solution you're looking for, but it may be worth a shot.

Talk to me! I have 2 tables for sale.


--- Quote from: raymonda on March 25, 2021, 03:07:35 PM ---I have 2 tables for sale.

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I have no idea what those are, but they are gorgeous.


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