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Custom table and custom cartridge.


This is a project that I made for a second system in my home. Later I will discuss the particulars but for now I wanted to get these shots up.

Cartridge surgery.

I picked up a Denon DL103S that was recently worked on by Joseph Long. Apparently he replaced the cantilever with a tapered tubed and added a Vital Line Contact stylus. After receiving it I then disposed of the plastic body and set it in a carbon fiber body and installed it into my living room system. Last night I spend the better past of the evening enjoying it's lovely sound.

I am very tempted to try it out in my main system and really give it a test run. However, for now it has found a home it my second system.

 :clapping: :o dam purty ray, good skills man

New feet installed and amazing results! Don’t let anyone tell you that footers don’t matter.
Today I got around to replacing the three rubber footers with my preferred brass spike/carbon fiber combination footer and pads and, man, the difference was not subtle.
Resolution improved immensely. By that I mean, the space between notes and instruments became much more apparent, with music being presented in much more organized manner, with clarity that was not there with the rubber footers.   
BTW, I was able to better set the antiskate, applying less than I normally would have when using my mechanical method. My ear told me that backing off a bit provided better tracking of inner grooves and a cleaner sound.
At this time, this table and cartridge combination is singing like a well voiced song bird. The rest of the evening is going to be very enjoyable!


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