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12v audio system -camper

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Looking for amp ideas on upgrading the 12v audio system in my camper.

Prefer class D or T . Since it's a camper I don't want to spend a lot on the amp or expect audiophile grade but that would be nice hah.
To give an idea of price -- think blaupunkt 4 channel amp that is under $90 as an example.
I feel there is better out there in the 100ish range but what? 
I have a few ideas I'm working thru but tell me your opinion on an amp choice. I'm starting to feel like I'm getting tunnel visioned on this project so thought I'd ask.
 Speakers are rated at 55wrms, 150w peak.
Basic idea is phone/tablet/laptop front end > amp > speakers (no sub but not ruled out at this point either)

A.I. Clone Cheesy:
Great free advice and equipment fitting ideas here:

If you can afford them, buy there, too, they have great customer service.

I usually get my size and fit ideas there, then shop like hell for last year's model that has features that I want, but little new stuff, which tends to get obsolete anyhow.

Blauplunkt, Alpine, Sony, JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer  most are road worthy when sized for power and dash fit

Literally searching "Car Stereo" at will return a dozen decent $100 models, then pick what fits your preferences and party bus.

Good luck and enjoy the ride !

crutchfield is a great resource and I do buy from them but it doesn't substitute real world listening experience.
I realize most if not all of us are audiophiles and no one probably is using a 100ish dollar amp in their cars, or we don't want to admit to running such a thing  :-X :yack:
I should have been more clear when I said looking for ideas, I meant real world listening experience ideas, thinking someone here would say yea I run "x" and it sounds decent and has been solid for the last "x" years. I'm asking for too much in that price range but wth I'm usually wrong.

I love my kenwood's, blaupunkt I'm not so sure of, they seem to be junk these days (reviews seem to reflect that) and definitely a shell of their former self.
But for a camper and the use it would get the blaupunkt might just be good enough; I don't want to spend the money on an amp from alpine/kenwood/sony etc etc. HU's yea if I decide to go that route I would get another kenwood.

I bought this little dinky thing as a placeholder in my TT setup to hold me down until a more refined amp finds its place. It's between my speakers and phono pre and I have been quite pleased with the results. I even use it to playback with my phone or recorder using the aux input. It's only 2x channel and the BT is reportedly garbage, but I do not use that function. It runs on DC so you can easily use a battery setup and it runs for a long time. I've only been supplying it with 12v DC for my bookshelf speakers, but 24v @ 8 ohm will supposedly spec at 50w per channel.

If you scroll down, there are other models with different chip sets, wattage ratings, channels and sub outs.
edit- the above link says the unit has BT, but actually does not.

thank you audball  :cheers:
I'm not concerned with the BT at all.
I will add it to the list, seems like it could handle the job.
Worst case I'll have to get a buck boost to get more juice out of it.


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