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Can I share flacs with someone with only an iPhone and iTunes?

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So my little sis only has her phone and iTunes, and a Bluetooth speaker. She has a tiny ass studio, and has a lot of stuff.

I’m trying to find a way to share flacs, is there a way to do this with just a little hone for storage?


VLC will play them on Apple products.  I haven't looked at the iPhone version of VLC in a long time, though. 

I usually convert to apple lossless with XLD for Mac use. 

If she'd be playing the files on a bluetooth speaker, why not give her the files in AAC format instead of lossless?

I just had a client ask how to open 24bit flac files on a Mac oor iPhone
this was my answer following a quick googling session:

--- Quote ---If you use current iTunes player on a MAC it should automatically convert to aiff.
If not, look for an aiff to flac converter app.

IF on a phone or ipod:
tells you how to manually do it on a Mac, then use on the iPod/iPhone 
how to directly play them using an APP named VLC (which I highly approve of all vlc products)
--- End quote ---

Thanks all, didn't even know VLc was a thing.  :cheers:


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