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Regerators and Conditioners??


Reading some posts in here I see that people are using these.  Is the equipment that sensative that they are needed??  Power companys are required to provide AC voltage between (in NH anyway) 112 and 125 volts.  Surges *should* only occur when the neutral is broken between the street and your house.

Is it just insurance??  I'm just really curious.

Mike what does the conditioner do?  Does it clean up the power (remove vars) or regulate voltage to keep it constant or neither????  I can see how if you have high current amplifiers cleaning the power up would make a world of dirrerence as well as having the dedicated circuit to make sure volatage is not compromised other things being turned off and on.  NEAT stuff Mike!

I found this article and it cleared up my questions.  The conditioner is "cleaning up" the power (removing vars) like I thought.  Electric motors put "bad" power back into the system and the conditioner cleans the pwer up.

Here's the article:

In my experience, power conditioners are highly system-dependent.  Some rigs love them, others HATE them.  

I haven't found one that sounds good in my rig yet :(  I'm hoping to try some PS Audio stuff soon.

A dedicated circuit is one of the cheapest and best upgrades you can make to your rig!  I noticed a fairly large difference when I ran 2 20A circuits for my hifi..


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