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Authoring dvd-audio w/ wavelab5.0a

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here goes:

edit>create audio montage from wav
select whole range
click the cd tab & switch to dvd
click files tab
open folder and select wavs
click on the little magic wand lookin thing and set pause to zero seconds
click red dvd icon
i  always click ignore and set output folder to one named dvd-a
click red dvd icon again
give it a name
select disc-at-once>write

hope this helps and good luck. it was a pita to teach myself to do this. if you can figure out how to add nicer menus and still pictures let me know.  im happy w/ the crappy blue one w/ purple font.

discliamer: this has worked for me. if you find a better or different way let me know.

I'll add my .02 to the How-To above...

Go to File>New>Audio Montage>choose your sample rate... ( you can change it later by choosing Edit>Audio Properties)

Go to Edit pane>Mode pulldown>Mode DVD Audio

"             ">Fade pulldown>UNselect Create Default Fades In New Clips (keeps WL from putting fades at beg/end of each track)

"             ">Options pulldown>go to Edit Default Pre-gap>set to 0 sec (Keeps WL from putting gaps between tracks)

"             ">Options pulldown>Select Global Auto Grouping (lets you move a track to the right/left and all tracks to the right of

it move in unison)

Go to File>Save Special(montage)>choose Save As Template (so you won't have to go through all this every time)

Right click anywhere in the lower timeline area and choose Insert File(s)...

When you have everything edited the way you want it, Go to CD pane>Highlight DVD instead of CD>Choose CD wizard (magic wand)>I

uncheck adjust pause between tracks>hit apply

Then Check it by hitting Check (eyeglasses button)

If it checks out, Save the montage and move to the next part...

Go to File>New>DVD Audio Project

Click green Plus sign (add audio montage)>Navigate to your saved Montage from above and add it

Click Wrench icon (settings)>get your settings how you want them, add still pictures if you want

Click Orange Square thing (Edit menus)>tweak out your menu, add pics whatever

CLick Eyeglass icon (Check all)

If it checks out, Hit red CD icon (Create), and choose folder to output to

When done, Use Wavelab to burn the DVD using the folders that it output.

-To add pictures-

-Open your montage(s)

-On the left side of the track, in edit veiw, click the grey "1" button, choose "add DVD-A picture track"

-Under "options", untick "Global auto-grouping" this is so that you can move your pics around easier.

-R-Click on your audio files and choose "Lock".  This makes it so you can move your pics along the timeline, and not move the audio w/ it.

-Now R-Click in the picture track area and choose "insert files".  This will drop your pic at the cursor.

-Now arrange your pics how you want them along the timeline.

-If you want to add effects to the pics, R-Click the pic, and choose "edit properties".  Then untick the "use default settings" option.  Then you can set the effects for each pic.

FYI...  Pics that are taken sideways (rotated 90 degrees from normal) get squashed and turn out weird, so I found it best not to use these types of pics.

If Wavelab does not recognize your dvd writer, go here:

and update your computer's registry.

Thanks guys- these directions worked for me rather easily.  I was able to get a DVD-A disc to play in my Toshiba 4960 on my second attempt.  The only reason it was the second attempt was because on the first attempt I used a simulated write when burning the DVD, and for some reason, it actually wrote on the disc, and didn't finalize it, so it wouldn't work.  So, don't do a simulation write before the true write!


added a "How-to" for adding pics to Montages for DVD-A...  ;)


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