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Flying with Recording Equipment

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--- Quote from: Brian Skalinder on December 03, 2004, 11:22:58 AM ---[*]TSA / the airline may or may not require you to check your stand, depending on the airport, personnel on duty, airline, etc.  Bottom line:  be prepared to check it.  IME, they won't allow you to ship the stand loose, it requires packing of some sort.  Most shipping supply shops will carry cardboard tubes that work well for packing stands.

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FWIW, I've flown with my mic stand several times and have never had a problem checking it without a box.  They just stick a luggage tag on it and it usually comes out with the oversized items at the baggage claim.

They also gave me a problem with some sla batteries.


--- Quote from: Brian Skalinder on August 04, 2005, 11:00:22 AM ---Thanks to Damon for this list of permitted / not permitted objects on planes, per the TSA:;topic=47428.0;id=15350

Though it doesn't address our gear specifically (mic stands, etc.), it's easy to see why often people have trouble getting mic stands on as carry-ons.

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they dont even allow a bic in the checked luggage....surprising.  i think i have been in violation of this.

I packed both of my big li-ion batteries in the checked bag.  The carry-on was the rest of the big rig, mics in the wooden boxes, apogee mini-me, cables, Microtrack, etc.  When the bag was scanned at JFK, the security guy was not even looking at the screen, he was talking to someone on his left.
In Iceland, the guy said "electronic equipment?" and I said "yes" and he said "ok".  That was it.

I've encountered a problem once when I stuffed my tiny Dynamic Audio Card's into my Timberland shoe (in hopes that the shoe would help protect the mics from the rest of my luggage.  The British version of TSA tore open my whole bag and inspected the mics pretty closely before letting me through.  Apparantly the X-Ray machine revealed wiring insde of a shoe and that was enough to spook them.  The moral here is don't chuck your gear in your shoes!


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