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is there a hack for uploading minidisc to PC via USB?

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hello follks,
I'm a newbie to the forum, and I'm a newbie with the minidisc too.
I have years of analog taping and sound production experience and I'm also a computer professional by day, so I'm computer savvy.
Is there a hack or some other method to get my minidisc recordings onto the PC via USB or in some digital format?
At the moment I am simply using an analog cable to record WAV files on the PC from the minidisc using EAC ( Exact Audio Copy) on the PC.
I just recorded 4 hours of a Jazz show last night right off the SBD, so the thought of rerecording that into the PC is a bit of a pain....

Yep, that's what you'll have to do. Re-record. No regular portable MD has digital output. Solly :-/

So, are you saying that some minidisc machines (decks?) have the capability to upload data to PC?
Maybe I can find a friendly studio that can do the transfers for me and then I can process the files on my PC?

You have to stream the audio either way, as far as I know. Maybe there's professional equipment I don't know about that could extract the data from the MD.

Some decks have S/PDIF output, which you'd use to transfer through a capable sound card.


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