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is there a hack for uploading minidisc to PC via USB?

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You can transfer the data from MD to PC via USB.  You can use a Xitel MDPort-AN1 to convert from analog to USB, but if you record in digital it won't transfer from the deck as digital.  The only way is to use a standalone deck that has digi outputs or get a drive for the PC.

Is there a MD drive? Wow.

Sean Gallemore:
I know some of the newer high-end Sony portables have UBS ports, like the N10.  Otherwise I've always had to playback my MDs at real time either thru optical or line


--- Quote from: zhianosatch on June 25, 2003, 02:34:46 AM ---Is there a MD drive? Wow.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, Sony released and MD drive with a number of their Viao computers.  Not exactly sure if they are any "newer" models, but you might be able to find one out there.  Sony is starting to push MD even more in the US.  Saw a couple of different MD commericals.  The technology does keep getting better & better each year for MD

Sean Gallemore:
yeah, MDs are definitely coming along
You can get a Brand new sharp MT180 for $80 now and it is perfect for stealthing>
Too bad for the compression factor. :(


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