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Nick in Edinboro:
Ya, Ponty played with Zappa..  :)  I got turned onto him by a security guard here at work of all things!  I was here coding late after most drones had gone home just blaring a Zappa show on my Grado's.. he was doing his rounds and proceeded to scare the hell out of me by tapping on the shoulder and asking what I was listening to.

He proceeded to bring in ponty albums over the next few weeks and I've loved it ever since.  They sorta call him the hendrix of the electric violin :P  Imaginary Voyage, Enigmatic Ocean, Cosmic Messenger, and Civilized Evil are all great albums of his.. He's also on Hot Rats, King Kong, Apostrophe, and Shut up and Play yer guitar, FWIW..  This Joe Deninzon guy reminds me of him a lot..

Thanks for the advice, keep'em coming if you have any more!

I pretty much use either DIN or ORTF (XY with the schoeps hurts my ears), DIN with the hypers and ORTF with the Cards. Have also run DIN with the cards with good results, tightens things up a bit

DIN....courtesy of dan..... ;) 8)


here's another view...

Nick in Edinboro:
I ran DIN last night but I'm thinking I might've had the caps spread too far apart.. it was 20cm but it just looks a lot wider then with the vert bar.  But these ADK's are teeny mic's, so that might be it too :)

The results are currently being transferred..  My first impressions are that I love the JB3!  Last night was a breeze, was nice having so much "tape" so I didn't have to worry about anything.  Already about 80% done w/the opener, probably take me 15-30 minutes to have 2+ hours of music put to my HD... which is ultra sweet.

The show sounded good last night on the way home on my grado's although the bass was a little soft...?  Could this be a result of DIN or perhaps of the possible exaggerated spacing between caps?

Need to find something to tape tonight :)  Wish I was still going to Vernon :(


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