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Nick in Edinboro:
Taking suggestions on some closed headphones.  Since moving to a UA-5 > JB3 combo I've found it really difficult to monitor my levels using the meters provided by the JB3.  I also have found I like to mismatch the levels by just a hair resulting in a louder right hand channel  ::)

Ideally a cheapish priced set of phones that can somewhat be used in the field, realize that it's hard to find a decent setup for cheap that can actually be heard above a show let alone with the mildly powered UA-5.  

Also note, I tried searching but thanks to the emoticon that shares the "headphone" name a lot of useless posts come up..

Thanks in advance,


Here is one suggestion

Nick in Edinboro:
I need CLOSED headphones, for monitoring in the field..

I have a pair of grado's at home :D  They don't cut the cheese in the field unless I wanna wait until setbreak to listen..

Get the Etymotics in-ear headphones for monitoring at a show; they cost about $120 and block out a ton of outside noise.  I have the Sony 7506 for $100 and it blocks out some outside noise, but you have to crank it to properly monitor and that is never good for your ears.

If you wanna go pretty cheap you might want to look at these: . I like them in the field because they block out outside noise so you can hear your mics, and they are cheap and fairly ruged. They make cheaper models too. That way if they break its not a huge deal.


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