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Headphone suggestions..

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Mic D:
The Sennheiser HD280's do a pretty good job of blocking out sound also. You may want to check those out.

You might try a pair of in ear monitors and a pair of hearing protector ear muffs.  I use a cheap pair of rat shack ear buds and ear muffs which reduce noise by 29 decibels!  Works great.






--- Quote from: jlykos on July 07, 2003, 10:27:14 AM ---Get the Etymotics in-ear headphones for monitoring at a show; they cost about $120 and block out a ton of outside noise.  I have the Sony 7506 for $100 and it blocks out some outside noise, but you have to crank it to properly monitor and that is never good for your ears.

--- End quote ---
I got a pair of these and I love em- the're also great for plane trips or just whenever you want to isolate yourself from the outside world

Brian Skalinder:
Here's another nod for the Etymotic ER-6 in-ear phones.  Great for the field (and on my motorcycle).

i use the sennhieser hd280's, top notch and you can get them in most places for $100, they are as good as they get for full size closed design headphones, really nice screw on 1/4 inch adapter over the 1/8th mini, real nice.


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