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rig question?

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Schoeps tapes just always seem a little muddy to me when used outdoors.  Then again, maybe I haven't heard the right ones.  I still might get a pair in the future though.  Kris, do you have some decent outdoor's schoeps posted somewhere I could listen to?


I was just curious on why you though that. Everyone's ears hear differently. I have a lot of outdoor stuff, all of my GOTV stuff pretty much is off my rig, many others if you are interested.


--- Quote from: John R on July 20, 2003, 12:30:41 PM ---creek, you know he got ahead of himself and shouldn't have typed 'outdoors' :smash:

--- End quote ---

another funny guy :bigsmile:

I love watching the battle for second place ;)

personally I find the battle funny. My ears like schoeps, that all that matters to me. What one person thinks sounds good, others think sound like ass.....we all preceive sound differently....thats why its important to pick what your ears like, not what others ears like ;D


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