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doin the UA-5 battery thing, any new observations?

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Yeah, just get the stuff needed to make the cable at rat shack & get the battery/charger from elsewhere.

My battery/cable setup cost under $50.

Well kevin made my cable for me....Thanks Kevin!

& I picked up this battery 9.6V 3000 mAh NiMH for 35 bucks shipped with a charger.

for a total of 50 bucks.


Kevin also made me my cable.... Didn't want to sound like I made my own.

+T kev.

Nick in Edinboro:
I believe the JB3 lists that it want's 6v, and is pretty adament on not running if 6v is given--apparently if you could regulate it to supply a solid 5.5v it would work but it is very stubborn about getting the exact voltage.

The best idea I've seen would be to get some sort of car adapter perhaps and run it off of a 12v SLA or something.

Brian Skalinder:
If the JB3 wants 6v, you can run it off either a 9v RC batt or 12v, but with a voltage regulator in line on the hot wire.  Search the Archival section for "voltage regulator", you should find some info.  I think the universal part number is 7806 for the 6v VR.


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