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JB3 Issues on Transfer


Nick in Edinboro:
When trying to transfer large files (1hr sets for example) my JB3 will "error out".

Error messages I get:
 - "Error during transfer ([]) (hit OK)
 - "Make sure Jukebox is connected" (hit OK)
Then the transfer is cancelled.

I've been able to get around this sometimes by hitting the reset button with a paper clip but that doesn't seem to be the case any more...   :'(

Anyone have similar issues?

1st set only:
what are you using to transfer usb or 1394?
try restarting computer.
try taking batterys out of jb3 and put them back in.

Nick in Edinboro:
Duh, should've mentioned that, USB.  I'm sorta hoping that switching to Firewire might help?  

It seems to only effect larger transfers.. as if it's "timing out" somehow?!  Not sure if there is some sort of setting for my hardware (USB) or what.

Don't see why restarting the computer would fix it or taking the batteries out of the JB3 since I'm running off of AC when doing transfers (another thing I should've mentioned).

Of note:
 - Computer
     * AMD Thunderbird 1300+ (1.47gHz I believe)
     * 384megs of DDR 2100 RAM
     * Windows XP

    * 1.20.06 firmware
    * latest drivers (whatever they might be, can't recall)

I'm also curious if it's because I only have about 4 gigs of free space on the drive I'm dumping to and there is some sort of temporary cache or something?  It's definately perplexing me.

I want to blame the JB3 before I start blaming my PC hardware though.

Anyone have a copy of Notmad explorer?  :veryevil:

1st set only:
hmm yup try the 1394... Im just throwing things out here. computers are weird you know.

Try doing the transfer running on batteries only...I've had some glitches when transferring with the ac connected.

This thing does not operate good when plugged in at all.

I only plug it in to charge.


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