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so what'm I doin wrong heah?

I'm wanting to rip a cd using EAC and have it automatically encode it to shn/mkw. I can get it to work for one song but then it just stops. It only works when I sit in front of the computer and close mkw everytime it finishes converting. puts crazy ass file names on the wav files.


I've got EAC configured to use an external program for compression (mkw)

i dont see the need to just rip and then convert, will you save that much time?

yeah...just rip in one step and convert in another.
have you used eac before?  have you configured everything in it?  check on, in the software section and there's a link to a guide for setting up eac as there are a lot of options in it.
then forget mkw cuz that shit ain't been updated in forever, and get yourself on the flac wagon! :coolguy:

not really a huge time saver as much as I thought it would eliminate a step in the process (albeit a small one)

I'll check out etree for shn and flac info.


Nick in Edinboro:
I would try a more "batch" oriented SHN compression tool like shntool perhaps.

I would think that what your doing would work like a charm.  I'd do some testing for you but I don't have an audio CD here at work.


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