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setting presets for marantz pmd671


this was originally a pm, but thought others may could use it. feel free to add/critique.

-power on w/ formatted* cf card
       *to format hook 671 w/ DAW via usb cable, explore to "removable disk", right click, format(quick)

-hold down "menu/store"
   preset 1 should come up
    press enter (play) twice
     recformat should be seen, press enter

-choose stereo/pcm by using enter and (>>) fwd keys,
  set bit depth/sample rate (i have preset 1 set to 24/48, p2 is24/44.1, p3 is 16/44,1)
   select file as wav, press enter.

-you should be back to recformat, press (>>)fwd/enter to set these...

raw mode- monitor
verify- off
pre rec- off
st mode- stereo
mono mode- mono
auto mrk - off
manual tr - on
auto trk - on set to 2hours - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!

hit (>>) til you get back to recformat,
press "menu/store"

repeat for other 2 presets.


monitor - source
pre rec - on
input lock- on, but set it mic in first, if you ever run a pre in front use line in, or digi in
stereo - middle
repeat - off
edl play- off
mic attn -  -20db - AGAIN, VERY IMPORTANT, even when using external pre
anc - flat
rec level- manual

Kevin Straker:
Personally I prefer the prerecord on.


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