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Author Topic: Need advice for recording audio from recorder out to video camera mic in  (Read 1112 times)

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Hey there-

I'm involved with recording a classroom teaching project and have discovered that getting good live audio out of our record device and into the cameras is not as straight-forward as I thought it might be.

Specifically, I'm video recording with 3 Sony AX53 cameras that are about 6 feet apart.  The teacher is using with a Sony ECM 55B mic.  The mic is connected to a Tascam DR-70D.  I need to get the live audio from the 70D into each of the cameras so that it makes it easier to sync the audio/video in editing.  One of the cameras will serve as the main audio for the edit.  The Tascam will serve as the input/mixer/limiter for the audio and also provide a backup recording. 

When I tried bringing pass-through audio into a camera from another Tascam recorder, the signal was too hot for the AX53. 

I've read that I probably need an attenuater like this:

My initial plan is to use the attenuater cable from the recorder, then use a splitter to send the signal to each of the three cameras:

Not sure if the signal is weakened when split three ways.

Does this seem like a viable solution?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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The Tascam DR-70D is a good recorder for this type of thing, because it actually has an adjustable output designed specifically to feed the mic input on cameras. So you won't need the attenuator cable. That 5-way splitter will cause a signal drop, but since you have some adjustment on the DR-70 it shouldn't be a problem.

What was the other Tascam recorder?
CAMERA OUT connector    
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The Sony FDR-AX53 has an adjustable mic input level, so between that and an adjustable output from the 70D you should be in good shape. You'd want the level on the camera input to be pretty low and the output from the 70D high since the preamp on the camera is likely pretty low quality.

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Thanks for the help.  Sure appreciate it.  I'll explore the DR-70D settings based on what you suggested.  The other Tascam was a DR-680

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I've been dabbling with this for a little while now. Appears to me that this may be the correct way.
Cameras>switcher unit>computer software + mic's of choice > mixer or an interface >same computer software.. audio video synch in software like OBS with the option to go live from there. Now the reason for this logic is from what I am gathering is that each camera has its own time stamp as well as the Mics and those would require synch..  Mic distance will also have timing issues.. Using one camera mic with the different cams will have timing issues. different brand cameras have different time stamps as well so keeping the same brand and model camera is preferred. Something to think about if you are really going to make it look perfect. Below is a link on what I'm currently researching.

and below is what I decided against d/t poor support and lacking the audio quality desired.

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that's a good idea to record on OBS or similar, and get everything synced from the start, if it's possible
Ah the Blackmagic ATEM is a decent budget switcher. I see those in my workplace (back when conventions were a thing)
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What Jeff said on adjusting output level from the DR-70D in combination with input level adjustment on the cameras. 

Taking a step back, in situations in which you are splitting a signal to multiple devices and require external attenuation, the attenuation is best placed after the split, directly ahead of each receiving source, and the same amount of attenuation applied to each leg.
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