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DIY 2-Channel Snake on the cheap


A friend I sing with is just getting into concert recording, having recently scored a Zoom F3 and a pair of gently used C414s. He was going to buy a set of cables, but I told him I would build him a good 2-channel snake for a lot less money than he would pay for a completed one of comparable quality.

Usually I use Mogami W2930 for this, but a member on GS Remote alerted me that Redco TGS-02 is pretty much the same stuff but made in a USA plant and is much cheaper. The specs are nearly identical, so I bought 30 ft of it.

Compared to the Mogami, the Redco TGS is very slightly stiffer. The outer jacket feels tougher, as does the inner jacket of the individual channels. Redco uses polyester fiber fill between channels in place of Mogami's cotton strings. The actual conductors appear to be exactly the same.

Overall, I would say the quality is the same as Mogami for half the price. I plan to use the Redco TGS for these kinds of cables in the future.


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