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Author Topic: Looking forward to the new Sony Cyber-shot HX50V  (Read 42839 times)

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Re: Looking forward to the new Sony Cyber-shot HX50V
« Reply #45 on: June 15, 2018, 05:50:11 AM »
This doesnt help you but on the sony rx 100 you can definetly change iso while filming.I suggest look for a used. Sony cx500 or 550 if you need long zoom and manual adjustment.
well thanx but the goal is not to buy a real camera, but to have a great compact digicam to film , accepted by security ( I've other things to hide ... lol ) .

Anyway in intelligent mode auto and auto + I've discovered we can set the luminosity with the "down" button and it has effects on the video ! Not so bad ! I will try this at end of January on my next show . For exposure I'm now sure it's impossible .

Finally is there any option to change exposure for filming?

How it run setting the luminosity with down buttom?
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