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Author Topic: Do It Yourself Projects - Index  (Read 11901 times)

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Do It Yourself Projects - Index
« on: October 05, 2004, 01:48:43 PM »
Feel free to add links to other posts that deal with all matters DIY.  Here's an initial list for starters:

Drew's DIY Canare Mic Cables

V3 Shelf from Target Shelves

DIY VU Meters For Any Source

DIY: RCA interconnect cables

DIY preamp

DIY speaker cables

Jordan Shapiro's DIY UA5 Battery page

DIY SLA/RC Battery Pack

DIY UA5 Digi-Mod

Oktava MC012 mods

How to solder

Cheap DIY mini shockmounts

Shure A27M LD mod

Build/modify your own mic/interconnect cables

Ghetto mini-mic ORTF bar

D Battery Sled How To

DIY clamp

The $5 shockmount

DIY Koss in-ear monitors

DIY Low-pro on-stage/on-table stand

DIY Shure bar knock-off (for small body mics)

DIY Neuros HD replacement

Panasonic capsule DIY omnis

NJB3 mini-jack mod (part of FAQ)

Neuros HD recorder external power

V3 right-angle power cables

SBM-1 7-pin to coax mod instructions

Making an EAS/EBU > S/PDIF coax cable

More Oktava MC012 mods

Fixing a broken DAT tape

Making an AES/EBU > 7-pin cable

How to make a Jecklin disc

Connectors and cable part numbers

D3 battery pack

D7/D8 battery holder replacement

DIY Jecklin Disc
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Milab VM-44 Links > Fostex FR-2LE or
Naiant IPA (tinybox format) > Roland R-05

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Re: Do It Yourself Projects - Index
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2005, 10:39:38 AM »
DIY: Adjustable passive attenuator - for cutting down levels from soundboard feeds
KM 184 > V2 > R4
older recording gear: UA-5  / emagic A62 / laptop / JB3 / CSB / AD20 / Sharp MT-90 / Sony MDS-JE510
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