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Author Topic: MiniMe RCA/coax digi out problems?  (Read 12532 times)

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MiniMe RCA/coax digi out problems?
« on: November 15, 2003, 02:54:43 PM »
Have a sketchy RCA/coax connection digi out of the MiniMe?  See if this helps.  Thanks to Marc for the info.

It's a cheap shitty connection. It will wiggle if you try to move it, and the faceplate will loosen up. Gary admitted this has been a problem, and told me how to fix it myself.

it's not really as much of a fix as an intermittent crack it open and jam the cheap tin faceplate back against the back. Thus the aes>coax purchase for times I use an m1. What Gary told me is that the plate can come loose if any pressure is placed on the coax.

Alternatively, you may be able to run AES/XLR out of the MiniMe:

I just got my aes>female coax from Georgia last night. It is essentially a female aes with the end modified into a coax out. Tested last night from mme>aes>sony 7pin>m1, no problem passing signal. There may be a problem passing signal to a consumer deck, or maybe just passing signal FROM a consumer deck. This is a great solution for mme users who don't trust the coaxial out . Gary says the thing is not loose, I differ and so does Davis. We've both had problems with drops. The aes with shipping came to 13.50!

Instructions to make your own AES/XLR > RCA cable or AES/XLR > 7-pin.
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