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Anyone ever order from church audio?

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Hello all

I ordered at the end of July a battery pack from church audio.  I’ve tried to email them to find out my order status and have got no reply. Does it normally take this long? Is he a member on here? I’m not bashing the guy, just want to make sure a battery box that said they had 10 of in stock took this long. Thanks!

Grab a drink, kick back and say goodbye to your afternoon:

"In stock" doesn't mean anything.


I've had the best luck messaging him on Facebook. Love his gear

I found out after ordering that "in stock" means he has the raw materials on hand...and that's all it means.

You'll get what you ordered, just don't hold your breath.  Sad to say that's just the way it is when ordering from him.

Good luck  :cheers:


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