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Title: Anyone have tips on fixing a corrupt .MOV file ?
Post by: bobcat on August 13, 2017, 04:02:36 AM
    i'll try to break it down easy. i video taped a concert for the first time. (i usually do audio) little did i know AA batteries dont last worth a s**t in these pocket cam things! :S the file froze and wouldnt finalize due to low battery power.

 so now im stuck with a 3.06 gig file that wont do anything. i tried a lot of things. the farthest i got was using the Hex Edit program to stick a different header in from a working file that was recorded off the same device. all it does is show 9 seconds of nothing with static for sound. the other file thats healthy was 9 seconds, so that idea apparently doesnt work. unless there is more i can do which i havent figured out yet.

 Many other programs wont do anything :( not sure if anyone here has more experiance in these types of situations. ive searched and searched for the past three days or so, over this one! aah. any help would be greatly appreciated!

  i did run seperate audio and that turned out fine! i should stick to what i know!