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Title: Technics RS-686DS Portable cassette recorder
Post by: BusDriver on March 30, 2022, 10:00:43 PM
Is there anyone out there familiar with this recorder ?

I've been unpacking stored boxes and came by this I had long forgotten about. After retiring it from recording duty 30+ years ago I used it primarily for headphone listening at bedtime. That too made way for other other listening so in the box it went, all cleaned and de-magged, wrapped in a nice warm towel. I've just found it and it won't work, AC or battery. No lights, capstan spin, nothing. It worked before.

Before I go loose screwing the device, is there an internal replaceable fuse that I should root for ?

Just for laughs I had a look on the ebay yesterday and saw another one "for parts or repair" sell upwards of $600. What's with that?

I'd like to get this spinning again, but maybe I'd be better off making someone else happy.

Any thoughts??

Title: Re: Technics RS-686DS Portable cassette recorder
Post by: goodcooker on March 31, 2022, 01:32:55 PM

I didn't recognize the model number so I looked it up. No real advice to offer but man that thing looks sweet especially the VU meters.

I had a couple of NOS tape decks that I bought for a steep discount since they wouldn't power on. Turns out the switch (the actual switching contact inside the deck that makes power flow) on the power button had split in half over time due to just aging. The plastic housing just fractured. Take a look at the switching mechanism for the power on/off and see if it's obviously cracked.
Title: Re: Technics RS-686DS Portable cassette recorder
Post by: rocksuitcase on March 31, 2022, 02:00:07 PM
I looked the model number up on tapeheads. Apparently that was well regarded in its' day. One reason for that is that it is a portable which records. Apparently, very few consumer portables also recorded, and even fewer which were not SONY.

Other than that, I'd say if you have cassettes to play in it, it may be worth repairing (paying someone maybe if you can't DIY).

Sorry, nothing more than that. It does look pretty with those VU's, or pretty analogue.    >:D 8)