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Title: MixPre Remix mode
Post by: GLouie on April 12, 2022, 09:45:15 PM
Is anyone familiar with the MixPre series' "Remix" mode?
After you've recorded your MixPre polywav file, you can playback the file and record an additional L/R mix file, leaving the original polywav untouched. Also, you don't have to re-record a new LR mix, you can simply play the file and remix what you hear with the knobs.

Except when I try it, each track goes into L/R in mono and panning doesn't work, like it would when doing the original recording.

MixPre10ii with the latest 7.16 firmware.

edit: I was using a random file recorded last week. I just tried another MixPre-10ii by making a new 3 track recording, and everything works fine including panning. Grr.
Update 4/13: SD Support also sees the problem, has to investigate.
Update 4/15: No word from SD yet, but my investigating shows that you simply have to have recorded the file with LR stereo mix enabled, or this function doesn't work correctly - trying to remix results in a mono signal into the LR mix with pan not functional. That was my original random test file, no LR mix recorded.