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Title: Potentially need Lemo to 5-pin checkup/repair
Post by: rigpimp on June 13, 2022, 06:26:05 PM
I have narrowed down a low left channel to either my Tinybox V1 or the custom Schoeps cable I use for it.  The cable itself breaks in two with 5-pin mini xlr snap-in style jack. The lemo end screw onto my CCM4s and the other side snaps into the Tinybox. 

I have sent an email to Jon at Naiant to troubleshoot The TB (and possibly upgrade the internal battery packs).  Is there someone that can look at this cable?  I'd hit it with an ohm meter but don't know my way around the lemo side at all.

I can send pics if it helps any.

Package on the way to Nicky for repairs, etc.