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What are some decent playback dat players that arent to expensive

there are plenty of dat players, or homedecks that can be used strictly for playback. Everyone will have their personal favorite, so I'll start with mine, the fostex d-5. I just love the unit. Although it has no spdif out only aes outs, I have found this deck to be very reliable in my home. It handles 90m when I MUST put them in and doesn't seem to mind heavy playback. I bought both of mine used off the ebay and felt weary, but sent them straight in for cleaning/tuning and have enjoyed them ever since. Good luck and let me know if you have further questions.


I use a Tascam DA-20mkII for playback and a Tascam DA-20 for recording. Like Trey I bought both of mine off of Ebay used, sent them right in for cleaning and have had no problems at all. They see a fair amount of use and I use 90m's in both decks pretty regularly (this is not an endorsment of this practice  ;) )

The only deck that I would caution you to definitely stay far away from is the Sony R-300. I have heard nothing bad things about that deck. Save up just a little more and get a DA-20mkII.

I have heard many good things about the Fostex D5 and I know that the Sony R-500 is really a workhorse too.

I only have a few friends with the Panasonics (SV-3700 and SV-3800). I haven't heard any complaints, but my knowledge of the Panasonics is pretty limited.

Good luck!

The Sony PCM-R500 is definatly a tank.  Its a self cleaning deck so i've never put a cleaning tape in it, nor have I ever even sent it in for a pro cleaning or anything, just checked the hour meter on mine and it has 3941 hours on it.   I used to use it for doing clones a lot back when I traded dats (d8>r500) but now I just use it for DAT>CD transfers mostly.

Close to 4000 hours, never had a problem, seen tons of 60m/90m tapes, definatly as solid of a deck that you can buy.  All kinds of ins and outs, but its got a hefty price if bought new, although i've seen them go for as low as 500 on ebay.

Nick's Picks:
re: the DAT20mkII....

Carl has one at his house for his playback going into his hi-fi.  It sounds like ass comparred to a CD burnt from that same tape and played back through his CD deck.

point being, I think they may be reliable, but they dont' sound all that good.  the D/A must not be of very high caliber I'd guess.

when it comes to digital playback, i'm starting to lean towards the  theory of "buy crap decks and a good outboard D/A"


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