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OK, I posted this before, but as of now, no responses.  Thought I would try again.  Go to, and let me know what speakers they have in-stock you would buy, and why.  The free interest free credit is killing me, and I know zero about speakers.  Thanks guys,



1 word



no just joking. D, what I tell my customers is that when it comes to speakers, you really have to pick the ones that sound the best to you. Don't be fooled by high prices and rare wood finishes, gimick tweaters etc, etc. You really need to get out there and do some listening.

When I bout my speakers, I had a limited budget to werk with, but enough to get something reasonably good. I listen to alot of cheap trick, 2 live crew and air supply so I brought in a great GD Schoeps FOB CD from Atlanta in 91 and GD:One from the Vault. It's really key to bring in your own stuff. There are alot of variables that can make comparisons difficult, but you can certainly narrow down your selection that way. I settled for a pair of Klipsch (although I loved the B&W's) because they matched the price/performace I could manage.

So two real words for you...

Go listen...


I took a look at the home speakers offered and I can honestly say "none of the above."  They all suck.  I wouldn't have any of them in my home stereo.  Don't blow your money (you still have to eventually pay for them, even if it is interest-free) on crap.  Take the money and go to your local hi-fi store and listen to what fits in your price range.

Craig T:
Tannoy or Genelec, depending on how much you wish to spend.  There are powered and passive monitors, and if you like the deep bass, you'll need one of their subs.


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