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Brian Skalinder:
There's LOTS more content on all of these topics, but I found these threads better than most.  Hopefully people will find them useful.  If there are other good posts on these topics, feel free to add them in reply.  FWIW, the goal here isn't to link to every single thread touching on these topics, but to link to threads that either cover the basics particularly well, or provide specific, detailed instructions (i.e. not just "go use Wavelab Montage").

Software, General

[*]Commonly used audio editors
[*]What other taping-related software is available / Where do I find it?
[*]A quick note about CD-Wave


It's crucial to understand 24-bit / 16-bit workflow in order to properly and effectively use your WAV editor.  These threads are application-specific, but the concepts apply across different apps.  Bottom line:  get to know your application's workflow, preferences / options, etc.

[*]A discussion about Audition / Cool Edit Pro 24-bit workflow
[*]Audacity 24-bit and 16-bit Workflow
[*]Samplitude SE v9 workflow
[*]Samplitude Sample Rate Conversion (SRC, i.e. resampling)

Recording too fast / slow

Does your recording sound like it's sped up / slowed down compared to how it sounded live?

[*]My file sounds too fast / slow

Post-processing Discussions

[*]Interactive frequency chart from Independent Recording Network, posted by bgreen.
[*]A longish discussion about "mastering", i.e. post-processing one's recording
[*]Another post-processing discussion
[*]Yet another post-processing discussion
[*]Dither comparison

Compression / Limiter / Volume Envelope

Help!  The applause between songs is a LOT louder than the music! / I have one very loud spike in the music that's MUCH louder than everything else, and I can't normalize enough to make the rest of the music louder / Etc.

[*]Compression explained (external)
[*]Compression explained 2 (external)
[*]Compression overview
[*]Reducing loud applause with compression
[*]Lowering the levels of a loud section of the recording with compression
[*]Parallel compression
[*]Hard limiting, compression, and volume envelope (brief mention)
[*]Volume envelope overview
[*]Volume envelope in Audacity

Fixing Stepped-Gain Adjustments

[*]How to fix a stepped-gain adjustment in post-production
[*]Fixing gain adjustments made during recording

Clip Restoration

[*]Clip restoration in Audition / Cool Edit Pro
[*]Audacity pencil tool tip

Bass Roll-off / High Pass Filter

[*]Basic HPF explanation
[*]How do I get rid of too much bass? (Mostly Audacity-specific, but concepts apply to all apps)

Mixing / Syncing Two or More Sources

Lots of different posts on this topic.  These seem like good starting points.  Note while most threads deal with specific s/w, the concepts may apply across different s/w (depending on feature set).

[*]Chop method;  Wavelab (PDF in case the website disappears)
[*]Stretch method;  Audacity
[*]Stretch method;  Vegas, Samplitude, Audition
[*]Stretch method; Wavelab (and a 2nd)
[*]Resample method

Data Storage / Redundancy / Backup

Trying to figure out how to store and safeguard your master recordings?  Plenty of thoughts on the subject in these threads...

[*]Massive storage options
[*]Why not to use HD not in RAID (or other backup configuration)
[*]Buying an external HD/RAID/NAS
[*]To RAID or not to RAID
[*]Reasonable redundancy without RAID
[*]Redundancy v. Backup

Data Recovery

Having trouble accessing data on your CD / DVD CF card / SD card / SSD / HDD?  Give these threads a try...

[*]Data Carving with PhotoRec (external)
[*]Possible header problem, trying to open a file from last night
[*]I deleted a file I shouldn't have (or it's otherwise missing; several s/w recommendations)
[*]Two more s/w recommendations
[*]Homegrown WAVE header repair utility

Corrupt or 0 byte file

Files can go screwy sometimes -- recorders may not write the data as a WAV file, or may write it as a 0 byte file (even though the data's still there), or the HDD or media is messed up.  Check these threads for potential solutions...

[*]CRC Errors reading data CD
[*]Dealing with a corrupt WAV file
[*]0 bye file issue
[*]another 0 byte file issue


Bit Torrent

[*]Uploading to eTree with uTorrent



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