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I have been recording shows with a digital Panasonic camera, but I hate that you can only record 30 minutes continuously. Therefore I want to buy a camcorder, so I'm looking for recommendations. I'm looking for a camcorder that:

- can record at least 1,5 hours continuously with 1 battery.
- is small, so doesn't look too professional
- performs well in low light situations (=most concerts)
- has enough optical zoom (at least 20x)
- has batteries that can can be recharged and changed
- an input for external mics would be great, but the camcorder should power the mics (I don't want to use a battery box)

I hope to get some good recommendations. Thanks!


There's a Canon camcorder in the yard sale that hits pretty much all of your points (except mic power). Get a $15 USB adapter from Amazon so you can use a power bank and you're good to go.

You're not going to find a camcorder that puts out enough volts to power the mics we use. You can run the stereo out from your deck to the camera though.

Depending on what "digital Panasonic camera" you have it's possible that 30' limit can be extended ;-) It's a US ZS100 for instance. If it's a European TZ-100 like mine you're OOL though :-(


--- Quote from: webvan on November 10, 2019, 03:24:03 AM ---Depending on what "digital Panasonic camera" you have it's possible that 30' limit can be extended ;-)

--- End quote ---

Some of them, such as the Panasonic G7, have easy to do "hacks" which remove the limit. Others like the Panasonic GH5 never had the limit!

Honestly Panasonic the very best brand when it comes to buying stills camera with unlimited recording lengths that also don't overheat. (looking at you Canon and Sony!!!!)

I bought the Panasonic G85 recently.  Recorded for 2 1/2 hours straight in 4k.  No hack needed.  Just press the red button, then kickback and laugh.


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