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Synch 3 video parts with 1 separate audio track: free software

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I record concerts with a camera, but you can only record up to 30 minutes continuously. I also have to switch batteries after about 1 hour, so after a concert I normally end up with 3 video parts. I record audio separately, so I have 1 separate audio track. Is there free video editing software with which it is easy to synch the 3 video parts with the 1 separate audio track? I would like to leave the separate audio as it is, so prefer that the screen goes black between the video clips. I read a bout Davinci Resolve, but don't know if this software could synch my 3 video parts with my 1 separate audio track. Hopefully someone can help. Thanks in advance!

I don't know about free?

I use Sony Vegas Pro.

I can synch them for you if you'd like just let me know.


Here is the 30 day free trial versions

The only standalone program I know is Plural Eyes and that's not free.

Problem is, on long clips like this you're gonna run into drift regardless of if you get the start points in sync. The clock of the camera needs to be slave or master to the clock of the audio recorder. Since I doubt your camera has a genlock input, that means the camera has to be master and the audio recorder needs to slave in some way. The simplest modern solution for you (assuming you have a DSLR due to the 30 minute limit) I think would be HDMI into something like the Tascam DR-701D or Sound Devices Mixpre 10 II. LTC, word clock, or spdif are options for sync that probably wouldn't work with your setup (at least without other converters/time sync boxes). Otherwise you're looking at correcting drift every few minutes or having to mess around with a time stretch/compress operation. Which is probably what you're gonna have to do with the clips you're currently trying to work on.

Thanks for the replies, guys! Does anybody have experience with Davinci Resolve?


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