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I was just referred to this site by a member on GS Remote Possibilities and my mind is blown. This is easily the best solution I've seen for privately (or publicly) sharing audio files and getting feedback from clients or other musicians. Even at the free tier, you get 25 GB storage, lossless and gapless playback along with comments, versioning, and a host of other features.

Here's an example. This is a playlist of all of the stereo recording samples that used to appear on the DPA website before they "upgraded". Before you listen scroll all the way to the bottom and under Audio Options, Lossless Playback. (Paid tiers allow you to enable this by default for your recipients.)

This does look interesting and potentially very useful, thanks for the heads up!

Thanks volt. Looks great.

In the same thread on Gearspace, another user just recommended this site for ABX testing. Not fully lossless as it converts WAV files to 16/48 FLAC. Apparently the developers are responsive so maybe they will offer 24bit in the future.

they seem to be brand new and responsive.  I signed up and they contacted me to see if I had any questions or issues.


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