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Split PolyWAV to Stereo Tracks with FFMPEG

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I have finally found an easy solution to splitting polyphonic WAV files to stereo tracks without having to split to mono files and then recombine those to stereo.

1. Install FFMPEG.

2. Copy/move the WAV to the directory containing ffmpeg.exe, or copy ffmpeg.exe to the directory containing the WAV file.

3. Open a command prompt and navigate to the directory containing your WAV and FFMPEG.

4. Enter the appropriate command based on how many channels your PolyWAV contains, replacing [inputfilename] with the name of your WAV:

--- Code: ---*FOR 8 CHANNELS*

ffmpeg -i inputfilename.wav -filter_complex "[0]pan=stereo|c0=c0|c1=c1[a]; [0]pan=stereo|c0=c2|c1=c3[b]; [0]pan=stereo|c0=c4|c1=c5[c]; [0]pan=stereo|c0=c6|c1=c7[d]" -map "[a]" 1_2.wav -map "[b]" 3_4.wav -map "[c]" 5_6.wav -map "[d]" 7_8.wav


ffmpeg -i inputfilename.wav -filter_complex "[0]pan=stereo|c0=c0|c1=c1[a]; [0]pan=stereo|c0=c2|c1=c3[b]; [0]pan=stereo|c0=c4|c1=c5[c]" -map "[a]" 1_2.wav -map "[b]" 3_4.wav -map "[c]" 5_6.wav


ffmpeg -i inputfilename.wav -filter_complex "[0]pan=stereo|c0=c0|c1=c1[a]; [0]pan=stereo|c0=c2|c1=c3[b]" -map "[a]" 1_2.wav -map "[b]" 3_4.wav
--- End code ---

You can run the 8-channel command on a file containing fewer channels without problems. Just be aware you'll be left with silent stereo files for the channels that were not recorded.

I adapted this from one of the solutions found here. The other solutions listed there all returned errors, as did the syntax found in the official documentation.

Next task is to verify that this works for 32-bit float files.

Why not use WaveAgent for 24-bit files?


--- Quote from: aaronji on March 09, 2024, 01:03:52 PM ---Why not use WaveAgent for 24-bit files?

--- End quote ---

I was not able to get WaveAgent to export directly to stereo tracks. Fortunately a user on GS Remote just showed me what I was doing wrong. I will likely go back to using WaveAgent now... :facepalm:

Ha, ha! It is really simple, but not clearly documented. Another nice feature is that you can drop multiple files into WaveAgent (if there were auto-splits or different sets/bands or whatever) and do the same split on all simultaneously.


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