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Attn Photographers: Flickr Group Now Active!!!

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I can't believe TS doesn't already have this setup, or maybe we do and I'm an idiot cause I don't know about it yet? LOL!

Anyway, I figure we've got enough photographers here where this could be pretty cool, so I've taken the initiative to get things rolling by creating a Flickr Group called "" for us all to post pics to. Now granted, you need to be a Flickr user to take advantage of this, but if you aren't already, you probably should be, so take this as your opportunity to open a Flickr account! :)

For now the group is wide open to the public, and we'll leave it like that until such time that we need to lock it down, which will hopefully be never. Also, I think anything taping-related is fair game, so that would include concert pics, musician pics, rig pics, etc. Upload away!

So, please post some of your best picks to our new TS Flickr Group here:

cool idea, I've been crazy busy as of late, but once I get time, I'll have to upload some photos.

I have all my photos on smugmug, but its a pay site, so it makes this kind of stuff difficult.  I'll have to open a flickr account and get rolling.

I'll have to join at some point (swamped right now) but I saw the pix you've uploaded and gaWOW! They're awesome! 

Ryan Sims:
I joined.  I have yet to take any good concert shots (need to buy that DSLR soon), but if you all want to see some fairly nice shots I've taken around campus, then take a look.

Edit: take a look at my photostream, that is.

great idea. i just joined and added a few yonder shots.


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