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Author Topic: MiniMe: what's the difference between Rev A and Rev C?  (Read 12880 times)

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MiniMe: what's the difference between Rev A and Rev C?
« on: July 14, 2003, 10:40:29 PM »
Thanks to Dan Morgan for contacting Apogee directly on this one.  Here's the answer:


There are two versions of the Mini-Me and in fact there are not that many of the first revision units out there. I believe there was only around 90 of the first revision Mini-Me's.

There are a few of the newer revision units out there that are in black cases and then we switched to the all silver cases after a short run.

The S/N you gave is indeed the newer revision model of the Mini-Me.

The differences between the two revisions is the ability to run a battery as low as 6 Volts and the ability to change the gain structure of the Mic level from low to high gain via jumpers on the main board.

I hope that helps.

Gary Brenner
Apogee  Digital
Technical Support

Tel: 310.915.1000 ext. 16
Fax:  310.915.7420

Apogee Electronics Corporation
3145 Donald Douglas  Loop South
Santa Monica, CA  90405-3210

Looks like THE answer :headphones:
Milab VM-44 Links > Fostex FR-2LE or
Naiant IPA (tinybox format) > Roland R-05


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