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Panasonic eneloops vs Powerex

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So during the pandemic, all my Powerex Pro 2700 died. I did a recycle/refresh and 7/8 were ok last week. I popped them in Today and got a “high” message on all of them: I have the Powerex 9000 charger. The four batteries that just arrived from B&H are all fine, I broke them in and they’re all reasonably close to 2700.

Is the Panasonic Eneloop a better option? Some of the stuff I read online suggested that the Powerex is not really low discharge, but the  eneloops are. And that the eneloop 2000 outperforms the Powerex 2700. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated: I bwouldnt give a shit, but my Oade modded marantz 620s are fairly battery hungry, like 5-6 hours on a pair of topped off Powerex 2700 pros. I always top off day of show.

Thanks, Marc

Not sure about the Powerex, but Eneloop Pro's have been great for me.


Thanks, big help!

Last time I checked the IKEA 2450 LADDA batteries are available again.   That is what I've been using for years...  You can order them online if there isn't an IKEA near you.  $7.99/ 4 pack

When the Powerex 9000 charger reports "high" (internal resistance) they are at end of life. 

It's been a while since I looked into it, but the "Pro" Powerex versions are (or at least used to be) intended for high-current applications - think photo flashes and such with high intermittent power draws.  The "standard" version of the Powerex (which used to have "low self discharge" printed on the battery, later changed to "precharged") are rated something like a hundred mAh or so less than the Pro's in total capacity, yet actually have a lower self discharge rate and significantly higher recharge cycle count rating than the Pro's, meaning they are better suited to lower, but more-constant current applications, especially longer term as they age.

Since our gear tends to have a relatively constant current draw, and the most important metric for any battery that works for taping is reliability over time, the non-Pro versions seem to be better suited to our use.  This was my conclusion four or so years back when I was replacing my batteries again and got relatively deep into it, deciding to remain with the regular versions rather than try the Pro's.  The extra 100 total mAh was not worth the trade-off in decreased LSD and life-cycle performance to me, and I concluded the relatively small total capacity difference was likely to even out and possibly invert the trend after some regular use.

Anecdotal actual use:
I've used both regular Powex and regular Eneloop (which we use at work) for taping over the past decade and both seem to perform about the same in my experience.


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