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Sonosax sx-m2d2 vs Grace Designs v2 > 744T

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I picked up the m2d2 at the end of 2021 and have run my two rigs side by side (4023 and 4028) since.  I generally ran 4028s (NOS) > v2 and 4023s (DINa) > m2d2 and almost always I preferred the 4028s, but I was never sure if it was the wide cards or the preamp that I liked.  If I flipped and ran 4028s > m2d2 vs 4023s > v2, I preferred the 4028s for that tape.  I taped DMB at Shoreline last week, which is hell for stands and decided to run just one set of mics.  Of course, I was forced to run the stand at shoulder height.  I split the XLR from my 4028s, providing phantom from the v2.  I was setup in section 103, row B, seat 15 - on the front aisle, so this is essentially a shoulder height stack tape.

I grabbed a few tracks where I thought the difference was most noticeable and renamed the tracks/ marked them as A vs B.  There's a text file in the Drive folder with the answer key.  Track by track they are named A and B, I did a coin flip to name each track.

If you're interested in the entire set (yes, there are MP3s in here because people that I send it to after a show want to put it on their phones anyway):

The Drive link will probably be active for a few months, but at some point I'll remove the folder, so if you come across this much later than now, feel free to PM me and I can re-share it.  I'm interested in what other people think too. Enjoy!

Thanks for this.  Posting to mark thread for easy return later.. will give a listen when I have an opportunity, hopefully next week.

I think we ran one V3 vs SXM2D2 comparison when kindms bought his Sonosax SXM2D2. Otherwise, he has shifted completely to using the Sax. He feels the pre-amps are "better", I am of a similar mindset, however, SOMEthing in the 100 Hz and below seems more prone to pick up PA anomalies. I am interested in your comps, should check them out, will let you know my opinion.

The Sonosax was my first real preamp, and I love it, but frankly, I find the preamps in the SD units to be just as transparent and clean.  I have no problems going strain into my 702 or MixPre 6.

i gave "41" a spin by cutting it into a single wav with 1 min alternating segments so i could listen through carefully

A might be slightly more detailed. B definitely has a more natural fuller bottom end

the differences were slight and both sounded excellent

tough to pick out the differences and attribute it to either the V2 or 744T as ADCs definitely have flavors as well (i assume you used the sax's adc, as opposed to as just a pre into 744T as an ADC)

i feel like for our purposes those rigs could be interchangable and considering size/power considerations, its getting increasingly difficult to justify components

in regard to that, id like to hear the sax vs say, the d:vice which functionally is more similar for our field taping purposes (super compact, 2ch, integrated pre and class-compliant adc being the similarities). not that the sax isnt fantastic but if one only needs 30 dB of gain, is 70+dB of ultraclean gain even relevant?


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