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USB-C to TRS Adapters on Android

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First, some context: this thread was started to separate it from one started by doomed when they shared a link to an Android-compatible input cable here. That thread got me to start looking at some USB-C options (vs USB-A) and I wanted to share my experiences here. If interested in this approach, I recommend reading that thread for context and information.

I've long dreamed of a chain without a dedicated recording device on Android. After reading that thread, I began to do some online research on several USB-C to Female TRS/TRRS adapters. For the low prices, and the promise of an easy return, I decided to try some out for science.

I ordered 2 TRS adapters, the Saramonic SR-C2003 & MOVO UCMA-1 and 1 TRRS adapter, the MOVO UCMA-3 and bought the USB Audio Recorder Pro app for testing based on doomed's recommendation in that thread. I did try some other apps, but they were all pretty lame which isn't surprising since, to put it mildly, stereo recording is not a common workflow on Android.

I really wanted the TRRS to work since it has a right angle USB-C connector and is constructed with a thicker cable. Unfortunately, it was a bust. I would assume that if I used a TRRS > TRS adapter, it might work but who knows?

The other 2 are identical in appearance and construction, but only the MOVO worked. I recorded a track from the latest Obituary album on my stereo (CA-11 omni > UBB > UCMA-3 > Pixel 4a > USB Audio Recorder Pro) and uploaded a brief sample here.

I now have a mixture of excitement at the real possibility of greatly simplifying my chain combined with some lingering concerns:

Pros: removing recorder device from chain has multiple benefits, app records directly to FLAC.

Cons: the app has some limitations: 16 bit is the only option with this device, UI is frustrating (landscape orientation only, slider control is less useful to me than a simple +/- UI), unknown if the gain options will be useful in a high SPL environment (I'll test and follow up). Both the MOVO & Saramonic are constructed with a very thin cable that I would be concerned about damaging, especially if you aren't careful with your gear. I am fairly careful, but could see where rough handling could easily compromise the cable. I may look in to a tech flex solution or simply gaff tape a covering. Phone battery life with the app is an unknown, but I'm prepared to use Airplane mode if necessary (which the app developers recommend anyway).

Overall, I am encouraged that this could work for me. If I can nail the input gain level, the 16 bit limitation wouldn't concern me for the loud PA music I prefer to capture. While less than ideal, it would reduce my anxiety level while entering the venue which could be worth it to me. If the 16 bit limitation ends up being a problem, I'm only out a small amount of money and, in that case, I'll likely pick up the adapter in doomed's thread if they release a USB-C version.

As an aside, there are lightning versions of these cables, so they may also be an option for iOS with the right apps. If anyone else decides to try this approach, please share your experiences and ideas.

Just received another low cost adapter that can do up to 192/24 with its embedded ADC, the Jstma DX-M02. It's made in China but I can't find any record of their existence on the Interwebs  :shrug:

Very different from the previous adapters in a good way. It's packaged in a premium box with a manual that has a full report of measured audio specs. It also includes a TRRS to TRS adapter, a TRS male to male cable, and two different right-angle USB-C adapters. Of the accessories, I will definitely use one of the right angles to reduce stress on the port. The main USB-C to female TRS cable is more stout than the others, with a coiled centerOverall, it's definitely a better value than any of the previous adapters mentioned.

Plays nice with the app, and works fine in my listening room. I plan to take it to a show soon where I don't care about archiving as I am still not sure about the available gain (specs list +23.278 dB) without a preamp in the chain. If there's any interest, I'm happy to upload another sample.

link to the device. please


--- Quote from: capnhook on January 25, 2023, 11:02:40 AM ---link to the device. please

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Definitely worth a shot. Thanks!


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