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Cables and Connectors Arrived : Now, How Long Should I Make My XLR's?


My Canare Star-Quad cable and Neutrik connectors are long should I make my XLR cables?  

-20 feet seems pretty standard but I will be running TL's and I very well could run spread omni's on occassion.  I don't feel like carrying around 35 footers if I won't ever use them.  
-25 footers, I could run the TL's 9-10 feet while still being able to spread them 20 feet or so (with my gear halfway in between).
-Even Longer

how often you run split omnis?  how high do you like to run your stand?

Split omnis are only for giggles (probably at smaller outdoor venues or the occasional festival.....It will certainly be rare but I wanted to plan the ability to use my normal cables for this..I will only run 9 or 10 ft up at most.

Is making 2 sets of cables out of the question?

If I were in your situation, I'd probably make a 15ft. pair and another pair with whatever is left over.  That way your bag is as light as possible most of the time, but you've got the other pair in the closet for when they may be needed.

Not a bad call.....Markertek still owes me some RCA ends, maybe I'll add another set of XLR ends to that order.


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