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are these microdots?!

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bit of a bizarre question I know!

akin to "is this a cup..?" but I've actually never handled them.

I've gone onto inches here on the calipers to help you guys out (on the other side of the pond) and if someone has a set themselves to compare my measurement I'd be very grateful...


John Willett:
It doesn't look like it to me - it seems a bt big and more like a TNC connector to me.

A microdot looks like this:-

Hullo John!

how are you doing?!

thanks for that- without going through the rigmarole of posting another image, I can tell you that that excellent shot you've posted looks remarkably like what I've got here.

Only, as I felt, mabey what I've got here is a little big- but then again mabey not!

I really need a dimension from somewhere...


I've got 6.8mm outside diameter

John Willett:

--- Quote from: andromedanwarmachine on June 18, 2014, 10:00:15 AM ---understood

I've got 6.8mm outside diameter

--- End quote ---

From this picture it does look like a microdot.

But there were quite a few different designs - there were small ones (like the picture I posted) and larger (fatter) ones like the later ones Sennheiser used on the SK2012 transmitters.

Sennheiser used to find that many users were careless when then connected them and the pin on the plug was often shoved into the insulation material on the socket, rather than into the socket itself - so they put a lot of work into fine-tuning the socket and plug to prevent this happening, even with ham-fisted users.

Though the only sure way is to get something that takes a microdot connector and see if it fits.

I hope this helps.

(PS - thanks, I am well)


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