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Author Topic: New schoeps comparable to MK6 caps  (Read 5247 times)

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Re: New schoeps comparable to MK6 caps
« Reply #15 on: May 12, 2022, 07:30:32 PM »
Depending on the capsule's age and "experience" the figure-8 response could be OK or it might not be--and in the latter situation, unfortunately nothing could be done about it. But any MK 8 is audibly a flatter, quieter, more sensitive capsule than an MK 6 ever was in its figure-8 setting. That was even true of the original MK 8 that had narrow grille openings like those of the MK 6.

The MK 8 didn't exist yet when I started recording with Schoeps mikes; the three-pattern capsule had the only figure-8 pattern available from a transistorized Schoeps mike. But today I would never buy an MK 6 for its figure-8 pattern alone. It offers no sonic or technical advantage over an MK 8, plus an MK 8 doesn't have the maintenance issue.

--A lot of what I wrote earlier in this thread seems dated now. My best answers nowadays to the original question are: (a) the MK 22 (not exactly cardioid, but with smoothness and warmth that still make me smile), (b) the MK 41 V, again not a cardioid but with really smooth, unhyped on- AND off-axis response, and (c) POSSIBLY the V4 vocal microphone. Pricey and not modular, unfortunately. I have only one of those so I've never tested it as a main microphone pair, but it does have a cardioid pattern with flat, unhyped on-axis response and a smoothly rolling-off off-axis response, which are the key features.

I secretly wish that Schoeps would design a sideways-facing two-pattern (omni / cardioid) capsule with response like that of the MK 6. But they have enough on their hands nowadays, so I've only suggested it to every member of their capsule team a very limited number of times.

--best regards

edited later to add two remarks about the MK 41 V: #1, I think that it may be underappreciated. It's super-clean, clear and neutral sounding, with no false brightness either on or off axis. #2, a few years ago someone here claimed that it was just the innards of a regular MK 41 turned sideways. Since then I've learned for sure that such is not the case (in fact could not be the case). It's not that there's anything inherently wrong with the idea, and Schoeps does draw a distinction between the interior of their capsules and the outer parts, so the idea makes sense enough in their terms. But there's also an actual, definite reason why none of their "V" capsules are made that way. And with apologies, I have to stop with that much (or that little) information.
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Re: New schoeps comparable to MK6 caps
« Reply #16 on: May 12, 2022, 08:13:37 PM »
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