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Where to stash my gear once inside venue

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SO I have Ca 14 mics an ugly box and a r-09 deck, im  a tall guy and the cable on the ca-14 just barely come to my waist, usually i put the setup in my hoodie pocket with a small hole for cables with no problem. I recently tried using and extension cable and got horrible hiss from various brands @6' length. I am asking for some ideas as i am moving from the north down to florida in a few short months and it really isnt hoodie weather. I was thinking cargo pants or ..... i dont want to use a fanny pack but if thats the best route,  Pm's are appreciated

I saw a commercial for this and it looks interesting.  I can't vouch for the quality.

PM sent

small under the arm carried camera type bag. I got this one at Goodwill, holds everything including spare batteries, earbuds and earplugs.

I can't believe that a short extension cord would cause problems, given that it is decent quality and doesn't have shorts.


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