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Author Topic: Zoom F6 (32-bit float equipped)  (Read 87400 times)

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Re: Zoom F6 (32-bit float equipped)
« Reply #480 on: September 14, 2022, 06:20:38 PM »
Finally placed an order for one of these. Just curious how others here use the extra inputs. I imagine 6 inputs is not close to adequate for a multitrack mix for most bands playing decent sized clubs?

So mostly board patches + mics? Multiple mics for the heck of it?

On my F8 I use extra channels for dual record at different levels just to be safe, but I guess that's not really a concern with 32 bit (and I'm not sure if the F6 has the dual record feature).

There's a different kind of dual-record on the F6 where you simultaneously run a set of tracks at 24-bit fixed and a duplicate set of 32-bit float. I've never used it. I wonder if that feature exists on the new F8N PRO.
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