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Author Topic: Comp: MixPre-6 vs V3  (Read 2152 times)

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Comp: MixPre-6 vs V3
« on: July 09, 2019, 03:15:07 AM »
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mics: MMC4011>MMP-E and 4022 (both are 4011 cardioids, the "MMP-E" is the new modular version and is the closest to the 402X series electrically), both were run in a DIN-A configuration

1. MixPre6 mic-in - each channel independently normalized to match the levels of the other two
2. V3 - untouched
3. same V3 source analog out to AD2K -untouched but is messed up, see below

all files are 24/48 (one was recorded at 24/96 and resampled with izotope at highest quality. The samples are different enough that i dont think that would be a significant factor.) Oddly enough one of the samples compressed more than twice as much than the others when FLAC'ing. it was accidentally dithered in the recording process and though it was recorded to a 24-bit file, apart from that, it sounded weird and upon inspection only *one* of the cables had pins 2 and 3 reversed (they should both be reversed as AD2K has pin 3 hot, not pin 2). so disregard the smaller file and just comp the other two

I did normalize the mixpre source by 8-10 dB, but imo thats the consequence of the mixpre not having nearly as good metering as the AD2K which lets me set the levels for the other two sources perfectly...   i would always run the mixpre 6 or more dB down from an AD2K as a result, so imo its a 'real world' comparison. and in a noisy crowd i dont see the noisefloor of the recorder being an issue

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