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Need an Editor for Mac that can handle 32 bit?

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Logic Pro doesn't handle 32 bit yet (seems way behind)
Reaper? (looks complicated)
Audacity 3.0?

A good rec would be great. Thanks

I've been using Amadeus Pro for many years, and still find it very user-friendly and capable.

Reaper isn't complicated unless you want it to be. It's easy to do simple things, and if you need to do serious work, it can do that as well. There are tons of great YouTube tutorials out there.


--- Quote from: Flynn on July 12, 2021, 03:32:19 PM ---Audacity 3.0?

--- End quote ---
Any version of Audacity should do it (note that versions later than 3.0.2 track user behavior!)
But I've problems encoding 32-bit FLAC at times. (I usually aim for 24 so 32 is an error when I do it)
Do you have 32 Float or Signed?

thanks for the thoughts.

going to start playing with reaper for now.


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